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Laura Gonzalez has transformed Paris hotspots, designed chic restaurants, created the interiors for shops and private apartments and has revamped hotels, recognised for her ability to play cleverly with various inspirations and styles. 

‘Henri Martin’ is a Haussmannian private apartment in Paris with typical high ceilings and Versailles parquet. In this opulent and luxurious apartment adorned with a stunning variety of marbles, every single element makes a statement and creates interesting and daring contrasts; the 60s vintage furniture stands alongside sleek and minimalist pieces by renewed designers. The touches of vivid colours and subtle addition of gold and brass details brings a delicate and warm dimension to the space.

 In the kitchen, lacquered white cabinetry and Carrara marble contrast with rustic limestone underfoot; in the master bedroom, linen and velvet and silk create a soft landing against black-framed French doors. Subtle pattern arrives in unexpected forms: in a Mondrian-like mosaic of mirrors flanking the fireplace in the living room, and on an intricate octagonal-tiled floor in the master bath. The combination of these disparate elements is a seamless space that feels considered yet organic – a study in harmonious contrasts.

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